Sunday, 22 August 2010


Cake for Breakfast, G&T's for dinner!

Our first proper weekend off!!!! After a LONG week of work we where happy Friday was finally here! Not that we wanted to wish the time away, but our days where, for some, 6 am starts and late nights for all! So we really deserved a night out. We had arranged a night at the local Barefoot shop/bar/cafe, which was hosting a jazz night. We enjoyed the music and friendly atmosphere, and even made it onto the dance floor... accompanied by the local 'talent'!!

We woke latish on Saturday hoping the sun was out so we could enjoy a day at the beach, for that long awaiting sun tan hit! But, with our luck the clouds where thick and gloomy, so we decided to utilise the day, and focus on our presentations that will be delivered later next week. It was a productive day and we thought we had produced a solid amount of work for one day! And now wished for the sun to shine the next day for Kate's birthday!

Beth, Saida and Zoe woke early on Sunday and prepared a surprise breakfast for Kate. We all got high on sugar with Chocolate pancakes, biscuits, popcorn, ginger coffee, crisps, and a Swiss roll cake topped with party hats. To make the day even better we where graced with the sun!!!

After our healthy start to the day, we packed our togs (swim suits) and sun lotion and made our way to the gorgeous and famous Mount Lavigna Hotel. On the way we met our new friend Prianca an extremely talented textile designer, who Kate had met in the week on her placement at Barefoot.

We found our spot on the beach and paid for the special deal of lunch, pool, private beach and sun lounge for around 6 pounds, a total bargain. We were too excited about the sun, sea and sand and laid there in bliss soaking in the rays!!!!!!! In pure English style!!!!!!

It was the perfect day, we where completely satisfied especially Kate who declared the day to be 15 out of 10 for a birthday! (even if we did all end up to be a bit toasted and pink!!)

To top this perfect day we were invited for drinks by Dominic and family (Barefoot CEO) who Prianca is currently staying with. We drank and snacked in their amazingly homely outhouse living room, with a pond and croaking frogs. Dominic and Nas' children Isabelle, Sebastian and Sophia where on perfect behaviour and made us all feel envious and hopeful that we where to once have children as cute and enthusiastic as them! We chatted politics with Dominic and Nas, and favourite films, TV soaps and hot boys with the kids...

and drank G&T's with cheese and biscuits all our favourites!!!

A fantastic day and evening!

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