Monday, 9 August 2010

DAY THREE (3rd August)

Facilities galore...

After a fitful night’s sleep in our sweltering apartment, we travelled to the University of Moratuwa where we were to give our second presentation to the students.
We had the opportunity to listen to a lecture on ‘Industrial Fabrics for Commercial Applications’ by Dr Rathna Perera from E Y Technologies in Massachusetts, USA. It was fascinating to learn about the uses of fibres such as glass and ceremics.
We were given lunch in little paper packets of sweet rice and chilli vegetables, embarrassingly we had to ask for a spoon so we didn’t spill food down our fronts.
This time, our presentation was not met with quite the same enthusiasm as we had technical difficulties taking half an hour to set up. One of the students gave us a tour of the amazing facilities that the university offers. Including the; fabric testing lab, spinning lab, weaving lab and knitting lab – all of which house industrial machinery that the students can use and learn about the practical aspects of their trade.

On our way back from the university we stopped by Barefoot, at company that sells handmade crafts including hand-woven fabrics and home-made pickles and cookies. We decided to spend a girly night in, so Saida cooked a lovely meal with fresh vegetables and short grain Sri Lankan rice.
We packed and went to bed early in preparation for our five day journey to garment factories and historical Kandy.

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